Credentialing Body Advisory Council

The Credentialing Body Advisory Council is a neutral body that advances the industry of certification and certificates. This council serves as a conduit for information flow among the credentialing community, Workcred, industry, education bodies, workforce development groups and other stakeholders. This council includes representatives from the following organizations:

Chair: Cynthia Woodley, Workcred Board of Directors

As a neutral body serving to advance the certification community, Workcred and its Credentialing Body Advisory Council are developing a series of cases studies highlighting collaborative models in certification. It is increasingly evident that collaboration among the key stakeholders can have a positive and long-term impact on workforce development.

The case studies are being developed to showcase the need being filled, the collaborative process, the lessons learned, and recommendations on next steps. The first three case studies can be accessed below, and more will be added as they are developed.

If you have any ideas for a case study that we should highlight, please let us know at [email protected].