Workcred Organizational Chart

Workcred Board of Directors
Workcred Staff
Expert-Workforce-Advisors Workcred-Board-of-Directors
Government-Credentialing-Network Credentialing-Body-Advisory-Council
Manages the business and affairs of the organization.
  • Roy A. Swift, Executive Director
  • Karen Elzey, Associate Executive Director, Operation
  • Isabel Cardenas-Navia, Associate Executive Director, Research
  • Janet Forte, Senior Manager of Operations
  • Talisa Jackson, Senior Manager, Programs
  • Francesca Andre, Program Administrator
Provides guidance on activities to advance quality on workforce and credentials.
Provides guidance and input on research concepts and proposals.
A neutral body to advance the industry of certification and certificate. In coordination with Workcred staff, serves as a conduit for information flow among the credentialing community, Workcred, industry, education bodies, workforce development groups, and others.
In coordination with Workcred staff, identifies credentialing issues Workcred can assist in resolving. Activities include training sessions to foster consistency of credentialing within the federal government.