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Credentialing in the U.S. is a diverse but dysfunctional system.
Certificates, certifications, badges, licenses… what are they worth to the workforce?

More than 4,000 personnel certification bodies are at work in the United States and less than 10% are accredited or reviewed by a third-party accreditation body. There is no common definition of quality or value, no feeling of confidence, and no consistency across industry sectors.

What we need is a competency-driven workforce credentialing ecosystem.

We need consistent terminology and language describing credentials.

We need shared quality assurance mechanisms.

We need quality workforce credentials that have validity and are market valued.

We need to stack credentials efficiently to lessen duplication and wasted time for job seekers.

We need alignment between industry, education, and credentialing organizations.

And we need an open, transparent exchange of information.

That’s what Workcred is here to accomplish.

Our work will help job seekers to tell a quality credential from a waste of time and money.

Our work will help industry to determine which credentials have market value.

Our work will help educators to identify industry needs and align with the related credentialing organization.

Through research, consulting, education, and convenings, Workcred helps connect credentials, competencies, careers, and customers.

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