Certification+Degree Pathways in Support of First-Generation, Low-Income, and Adult Learners

As part of a three-year grant from ECMC Foundation, Workcred, the League for Innovation in the Community College, and the National Student Clearinghouse are teaming up with the Higher Learning Commission to offer community colleges an affordable, scalable approach to align degrees with industry needs through Certification+Degree (C+D) Pathways.

C+D Pathways, which involve embedding industry credentials into degree programs, is a common practice at community colleges, as these pathways are aligned with both student goals and industry needs. Furthermore, they better position students in their field and help to build a pipeline of prepared workers for employers.

The project will support five community colleges to develop and implement C+D Pathways in IT, logistics, and/or health science programs in at least three different states, and establish a process for economical replication. By aligning their curricula with certification competencies, community colleges are ensuring that their curricula is up-to-date and meets the skill needs defined by employers. Also, community colleges benefit from nationally-validated industry competencies while maintaining the flexibility to incorporate additional competencies identified by regional employers.

The selection process focuses on recruiting colleges that:

  • Are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission through a request for proposal (RFP) process
  • Demonstrate a high interest in and ability to execute on the creation of C+D pathways

The project will place more emphasis on effective pathway development and implementation, as well as the use of metrics to guide continuous improvement and ensure the pathways are increasing learner retention and degree completion, and leading to living wage employment. Additionally, the partners will consider how C+D Pathways completion and attainment will be determined within the context of the accreditation process.

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