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May 2021
Workcred Expert Series
Workcred staff is joining several episodes of RVN Television's Morning Coffee Expert Series to discuss various workforce and credentialing-related topics in 2021. The first of the series features Roy Swift of Workcred and Lance Welter of Welter Associates to discuss how quality credentials help shape a quality workforce. Stay tuned for the latest sessions all year long!
Featuring: Workcred staff and other workforce experts
Produced by: RVN TV
February 2021
Embedding Industry Certifications Into Our Degree Programs
Workcred highlights the partnerships and convenings that created a new framework for embedding industry certifications into degree programs in this podcast.
Featuring: Karen Elzey, Workcred
Produced by: Helix Education Enrollment Growth University
January 2021
Dr. Swift's Views on Credentials and Assessing Quality
Workcred’s executive director, Roy Swift, highlighted the important work of Workcred and its impacts on the state of credentials during this Coffee With Joe interview. During the interview, Dr. Swift warns that the current credentialing system is fragmented and there are too many credentials that lead to nowhere. Consumers need to understand the quality and value of what credential they are selecting. That’s where Workcred comes in.
Featuring: Roy Swift, Workcred
Produced by: RVN TV, in Coffee With Joe Interview


September 2020
Credentialing and Academia
In the first edition of a new series of webcasts called “Xvoucher Shorts,” Jamie Mulkey, vice president of sales, interviewed Workcred’s executive director, Dr. Roy Swift, on the disconnect between credentialing organizations and academia, and some of the initiatives that Workcred is doing to facilitate understanding and foster relationships between these two groups.
Featuring: Roy Swift, Workcred
Produced by: XVoucher
August 2020
Differing Types of Workplace Credentials
This video illuminates various types of credentials – including certifications, certificates, and licenses – to help you understand how they differ, and appropriate uses for each.
Featuring: : Roy Swift, Workcred
Produced by: Workcred


May 2019
An Introduction to Workcred
Hear more about Workcred’s mission and vision, unique expertise, and how we can help you.
Produced by: Workcred