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Certifications: Career-Long Credentials

Certifications are more than just short-term credentials – they can last a lifetime. As workers advance and upskill within a career, or move to a new career, certifications are available every step of the way to support any career journey.


Types of Certificates

Certificates are awarded for different reasons. Some certificates are given after an assessment that measures learning outcomes, while others recognize attendance. The graphic shows the different types of certificates.
The Many Faces of Certification

Certification is a term that is widely used in the marketplace to describe many different things. The graphic highlights different elements that are associated with the term certification.


How Do Credentials Differ?

There is a great deal of confusion in the marketplace about the various types of credentials, how they differ, and the appropriate use for each. This graphic depicts the elements of certificates, certifications, degrees, and licenses.
U.S. Credentialing System

The U.S. credentialing system is complex and involves multiple organizations. The graphic depicts the relationship among the organizations that interact to form the U.S. credentialing system.